fathom high dance retreat

Welcome to a transformative retreat, where the healing art of Feldenkrais meets the expressive world of dance. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Immerse yourself in Portugal's serene and breathtaking nature. Take a break from life's race & find your peaceful island of calm.

Join us and learn to move beyond your perceived limitations, and change your movement patterns from the core. Deeply reconnect to your body with kindness, playfulness and child-like curiosity. Step into a world of limitless possibilities.

27/7/2024 - 1/8/2024 in South Portugal

What happens in the retreat?

What do our students say?

Charlotte Oosterlynck

"This retreat was one of the most beautiful gifts I ever gave myself. It didn’t only teach me about my body, but also about life and how to move through it. It was a revolutionary experience for me".

Celine Van der Haegen

"A life changing experience. I never encountered anything like this before, that carries such depth and hope for the body and mind".

Salomé Mooij

"Meytal’s teaching unfolds in a very profound spontaneous healing without pretention... Resonating and reassuring me so deeply, releasing past trauma".

Jean L'Olivier

"Never have I felt more myself. Better in my body. Never believed more in myself.
My sciatic nerve injury was gone after the retreat... I've been sleeping better… It helped me find a home in my body".

Gregory Parr

"Excellent for my healing process. I suffered from chronic back pain that made me feel 20 years older. Since the retreat my back is doing so much better and I'm able to dance once again without pain".

Zsófia Fekete

"An exceptionally powerful and profound journey. During the whole retreat I felt like I was floating in this wonderful state. Meytal's teachings carry me to a magical inner place". 

De-Stress & find deep inner calm
Reconnect with your body
Improve your posture, mobility & Balance
Go on an adventure of a life-time
Reconnect to nature's serenity

your experience

The retreat will take place in Monte Orada retreat center, located at Portugal's Southwest Atlantic Coast, bordering Algarve, in an evergreen valley. With breathtaking nature all around, Monte Orada has all it takes to unwind and be deeply nourished - from delicious, chef level healthy, organic & vegan meals, a sauna, bio-pool, a canal to swim in, spectacular beaches near by, ice baths, massages…

During the retreat we'll take the time to work deeply with our bodies in Awareness Through Movement classes, in order to find more flow, ease and freedom of movement. We'll dance and practice FATHOM HIGH, a technique that celebrates the joy in moving and teaches us how to move like kids again and walk freely in the world.

Find out more about the Feldenkrais method HERE & more about FATHOM HIGH Dance Technique HERE.

Get all the information about prices, accommodation options, the daily planning & activities that are offered in the retreat!

Frequently asked questions

What are the exact dates and times?


The retreat will take place between 27/7/2024 until 1/8/2024 in South Portugal.

On arrival day, participants can check in is from 4pm. We'll collect at 17:30 for a welcoming circle and a sunset/arrival practice.

On departure day we'll work as usual from morning till lunch and have our goodbye circle after lunch, between 12:30-13:30. 

Who is it for?


The retreat is welcoming to everyone, no matter their age, background, or previous experience in dance. The universe of FATHOM HIGH stands for inclusiveness, and the practice is designed so that each participant evolves within their individual set of challenges. The instructions are always broad enough to challenge people from all levels, offering a space for growth within a diverse environment.

In other words, you don't need to be a dancer - anyone who enjoys dancing and wishes to take a moment to connect and recharge is welcome!

How would a typical day look like?


A typical day will consist of the following schedule:

8:30 - 9:30 Healthy & delicious Breakfast.

10:00 - 13:00 Morning practice of Feldenkrais, followed by the FATHOM HIGH Dance Practice.

13:00 - 14:00 Heartful & tasty Lunch.

14:00 - 18:00 Free time to rest/explore & enjoy the wonderful nature / sauna / pool / beaches / trails & hikes in the vicinity.

18:00 - 19:00 Tasty dinner.

19:00 - 20:30: Sunset grounding and soothing practice.

20:30: In some evenings we'll do special activities such as gentle Feldenkrais nature walks, bonfires, Pizza Night and other fun activities!

What kind of food will we eat?


The catering in Monte Orada is one of the highlights of the stay there! The retreat center even published their own cookbook, that is considered as one of the best retreat menu recipe books existing nowadays!

Many of the ingredients are sourced from their own organic garden, or from local produces. The cuisine is organic and vegan/vegetarian. The chefs are known for their soulful, colorful and delicious meals, a gourmet buffet is abundant, tasty and very healthy. 

Gluten-free and lactose-free or other food sensitivities/allergies are easy to accommodate. Just let us know in advance and we will make sure to arrange it ;-)

What is included in the price?


Here is what's included in the prices below: 

✓ Accommodation for 5 nights in the stunning Monte Orada

✓ 3 healthy & delicious meals per day

✓ Participation in all of the Awareness Through Movement and FATHOM HIGH sessions

✓ Full access to all of Monte Orada luxurious facilities (Sauna, Bio-pool, Canal for swimming, etc.) 

The prices below do not include:

⨉ Flight and transport to the location of the retreat. Pick up can be arranged from Lisbon/Faro airport for an additional cost (from the airport can be arranged for an additional cost. If needed, check more on other options of how to get there in the FAQ!

⨉ Travel insurance

⨉ Special extra activities such as surf classes/horse riding/massages. 

How do I get there?


Address: Nacional 120 Cx Postal 261-ST, 7630-678 S.Teotónio, Portugal. 

There's a few options of how to get to Monte Orada. 

  1. Airpot Transfers: Lisbon (3h): 8 seater minibus 250€ / Faro (2h) :8 seater minibus 180€. This ride can be coordinated and shared with other participants in order to lower the costs. 
  2. Train (St. Clara Sabóia) & Taxi: From Lisbon 60€ (3h) / From Faro 60€ (2h)
  3. Car hire: 220 km from Lisbon Airport (3h) / 140 km from Faro Airport (2h)

What is the cancellation policy?


If you cancel at any moment before the 15th April, we will refund you the full amount paid, except the deposit, which could be transferred to be used for another retreat/workshop/library subscription during 1.5 year time. 

– If your cancellation takes place after the 15th April , your payment won’t be refunded, under any circumstances. We'll be happy to offer you free online classes and access to the digital library in an equivalent amount of what you have already paid. 

– At any moment, you could hand your booking over to another person (friend, relative, colleague…etc), who would like to join the retreat and stay in the same type of bedroom.

– In the extremely unlikely event that the retreat has to be canceled, we will also refund the full amount paid.

– Your personal expenses, such as flight tickets or any other cost that wasn't paid directly to us, won’t be refunded.

Most travelling insurances cover all of your expenses (flight tickets, the payment of the retreat, accomodations cost if you stay before or after the retreat in Portugal, etc), if you have to cancel your trip. They are not expensive and can be a good option to insure your trip.

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