Awareness through movement

Welcome to the groundbreaking world of Feldenkrais, a method that wakes up the brain to create new movement patterns, dramatically improving your physical, cognitive & emotional well being. Explore FATHOM HIGH, a Feldenkrais based dance technique, learning to move like kids again, with freedom & joy.

I am Meytal Blanaru, a dancer, choreographer, certified Feldenkrais teacher & founder of the FATHOM HIGH dance technique. I've devoted my life to helping others unlock their physical potential. Through the online platform I created, you can experience these healing & transformative practices anywhere, anytime. 

what is The membership about?

What do our students say?

Lut Van Malderen

“...the doctors couldn't really help me with my back injury, but Feldenkrais does.. It's very healing. I feel reborn...”

Dagmar Dachauer

“ has a very immediate and deep therapeutic effect...”

Marie Sinna

“I was struggling with a back ache for over 15 years... With Meytal's classes I felt much better, very fast actually.”

Maike Eggeling

"I love the library! These classes are beautiful and my knee injury is so much better!!"

Alice Van Der Wielen-Honinckx

“Each time I work with Meytal my world changes a little...”

Suzana Kajba

“... I just cried a little bit after the lesson... So touching and miraculous...”

Yorrith De Bakker

“After Meytal's class I started taking my first steps without a wheelchair or crutches... I'll be forever grateful..!!”

Celine Van der Haegen

“I had severe pain in my hips and lower back, but after I did a class the pain just passed away... I ended up cancelling my appointment at the osteopath!”

Zsófi Fekete


Silvia Marson

“...One of the strongest experiences for my body, brain and soul.”

Gabriela Cecena

“Never before have I felt so aware, sensitive and curious about my body.”

Zoe Coudougnan

“...A really deep and moving experience...”

Roz Wythes

“...Physical meditation... Meytal draws on her own deep body knowledge and current inspirations that keep the lessons fresh.”

Priscilla Pizziol

“An extraordinarily nourishing part of my life.”

Delphine Mertens

“... It is thrilling to discover Meytal's universe which she shares so generously.”

Sylvie Prouveur

“...Rediscover the joy of being in harmony... Precious.”

Douwe Nutterts

“... Truly an adventure in the mystery and delight of the body.”

Tara Appriou

“Meytal allows you to create your own playground.”

Aline Combe


Julie Compans

“The classes brings me home...”

Overcome pain,
limitations & injuries
Change unhealthy movement patterns
Relax deeply & reconnect to your body
Improve posture,
flexibility and mobility
Maintain healthy physical abilities in older age

what's included?

the digital library

A huge & comprehensive resource of Feldenkrais classes, as well as FATHON HIGH dance classes - a Feldenkrais based dance technique!

The library is designed to tackle any and every physical challenges & goals! Each section work on different physical goals (hip joint mobility / relieving back tension, etc), containing a series of lessons, carefully designed to meet that goal. A new class will be uploaded once a week. 

Weekly Online Lessons

If you wish, meet Meytal once a week for an online class. Classes take place on Tuesdays at: 19h-20h Central EU Time / 10h-11h Pacific Time / 13h-14h Eastern Time. 

All the classes are recorded and uploaded to the digital Library. This allows students the freedom to either join live, or study directly though the Library.

Frequently asked questions

Is it only for dancers?


Not at all! Regardless of your age or background in movement, you can benefit so much from this practice :-) The practice is designed so that each participant evolves within their individual set of challenges.

The universe of FATHOM HIGH stands for inclusiveness. The instructions are always broad enough to challenge people on all levels, offering a space for growth within a diverse environment. For me, this grew to become one of the strengths of the community that formed around this practice.

Some people use only the Feldenkrais classes while others that like to dance mix it up woth the dance practice. The whole idea behind this platform is that it's there to fit into YOUR needs and likes!

Am I expected to attend the online classes?


No. Since all the classes are recorded and uploaded to the digital library, you won’t miss a thing! Some students prefer to attend the online classes, while others prefer to practice with the library. Some do both. The idea behind this initiative is that the practice stays easy & accessible no matter what's your schedule! There's even a section in the library of shorter classes for people that have less time on their hands ;-) 

What happens in a class?


In a class the students are led through a series of slow, meditative movements, gradually cultivating a mindful, deeply relaxed state. Most classes take place while lying down on a mat on the floor, or in sitting. Each class is usually 1 hour long, although shorter classes are available too.

The classes help us cultivate a mindful state where learning is done with a sensation of constant child-like discovery. It’s done much in the same way that a baby discovers a movement for the first time, through playing and listening..!

How does it create such profound effects? What's the science behind it?


The classes make a difference where it counts the most - in our brains! Based on the science of neuroplasticity, the classes use proved strategies that re-wire our movement patterns, thus creating a change in our brain's neural pathways & changing our habits from the core. Although it sometimes feels like astonishing 'miracles', the science of it is actually pretty straight forward! 

I'm here only for Feldenkrais, or only for the FATHOM HIGH dance practice. How does that work?


Sure! You more than welcome to dive into Feldenkrais only, or into the FATHOM HIGH dance practice alone! To trully benefit from one, you don't need to be practicing both.

The whole idea of the library is to support you in YOUR journey and your needs, so that it's as comprehensive and as rich as possible!

Can I do a class in any setting?


Yes, absolutely! That’s the fun and beauty of it. All you need is enough space to lie down on the floor, close your eyes and dive into your body…!

What do I need for a class? Any specific type of equipment?


You’ll need a yoga mat or a comfortable blanket to lie on. In some instances you might want to have 2 pillows available, in case you’ll need support for your head or legs. It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movement.

How do I cancel my membership?


If you wish to discontinue your membership, no problem! Just drop us a line at: and we will stop all future payments!

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