Learn to move with such freedom you never dreamed possible!

Change unhealthy movement patterns
Feel tall, grounded & centered
Move beyond tension, limitation & pain
Reconnect deeply with your body

students success stories

Ariel Angel

"Life changing experience. Meytal takes you gently to places you’ve never been before. I experienced myself moving in ways I never did before."

Dora Almeleh

"The changes I saw during the classes are really mind blowing. Dealing with a serious hip injury, Meytal’s practice was the ideal way to reconnect to my body."

Dagmar Dachauer

"“FATHOM HIGH has been enormously helpful in my recovery from a severe back injury. It has a very immediate and deep therapeutic effect. It also opened up a very inspiring approach to creativity and movement.."

Lut Van Malderen

"The doctors couldn't really help me with my back pain, but Meytal's classes do... It's very healing. I feel reborn...."

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