Zoe Coudougnan

“...A really deep and moving experience...”

“Working with Meytal has been a really deep and moving experiencefor me.Through this work I could discover and become aware of feelings and parts of myself that we usually don't pay attention to in our daily life. It's helpful to me because it gives more importance to the pathway - the inner journey the body and mind are going through, than the final goal. To me, Meytal's work is like asking questions without necessarily needing to find answers. I think it taught me (and is still teaching me!) a lot about life: to accept how you are in the present, your mood(s), to let emotions and sensations go through you without fighting them... Or if you can't help it, well, do what you can in the moment but not to be too hard with myself! (and be conscious!) All this reminds me the words of the sculpture Jean Tinguely: "The unique stable thing is Movement. Everywhere and always."

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