Silvia Marson

“...One of the strongest experiences for my body, brain and soul.”

“My first experience with FATHOM HIGH was really strong, it changed me deeply, in how I dance and in my everyday life. I didn't know the Feldenkrais method before and I came to the workshop without any expectation. From the beginning I felt something powerful happening in me. At the end of the day I was simply exhausted because my "system" had to deal with so many things: old habits, new experiences, a new way of learning. It was one of the strongest experiences for my body, my brain and my soul. The curiosity about the method and the changes I could feel as a result of this work brought me to start the professional training to become a Feldenkrais teacher. Now that I'm quite familiar with the method I often think about how great is Meytal’s way of teaching. I felt that she kept the pure "nature" of the Feldenkrais method and at the same time combine it very well with her world of moving and dancing. I simply loved the moment of transition between the Feldenkrais and the experimentation with the improvisation and movement. I’ve learned to look into little things, to see what happens, to experiment and to be constantly surprised. I've learned about a new way of learning. For the first time I felt that I had time to explore different ways of moving, dancing, organizing without any judgement. I had the time and the place to be alone, to be with the group, while I was constantly fed by Meytal’s guidance. Meytal’s smart, deep and creative way of teaching is always inspiring me.”

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