Salomé Mooij

"Meytal's workshop started a huge transformation process towards body awareness inside me. When it ended I felt so grounded and so close to myself, my vision of life and my intuition.

I was deeply touched by the gentleness of this practise and of Meytal's presence. In this gentleness I could start to explore what safety means for me and my body; to be where I am, playing, approaching all the movement with a question and learning to give my weight to the ground. Learning how the ground is always there, under me. A huge space opened up. I remember dancing in the space with this special light inside; the realisation I have my own back, I'm free, the world is huge and beautiful. An opening.

The words of Meytal had a huge ripple effect into all the levels of my being, resonating and reassuring so deeply, and releasing past trauma. The way Meytal teaches Feldenkrais unfolds in a very profound accidental healing without pretention. Quite a unique gift (of her, and to us)".

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