Priscilla Pizziol

“An extraordinarily nourishing part of my life.”

“The weekly online classes with Meytal are such an important time of the week. This hour becomes the opportunity to draw my gaze inside, observing how I am on a physical, mental and emotional level. The most beautiful thing about it Is that there Is no aim to "solve" or "change" anything that arises and yet, after every class, I feel so different. A general sensation of space lands in the body. The sensibility and the awareness with which I can experience myself and the space that surrounds me, get amplified.

It Is really strong to witness how sensing and feeling oneself Is such a direct pathway to the intelligence of the brain. The more I immerse myself in the practice, the more intense, colorful and specific are the details that reveal to my attention.

Thanks to the authentic generosity of Meytal and her deep understanding of the method, Feldenkrais has become an extraordinarily nourishing part of my life.”

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