You don't have to feel held back by your body

Are you a dancer or dance lover that's tired of struggling with your body? Do you feel like you constantly need to push your body harder, while you're not seeing satisfying results or you risk getting injured along the way? Or do you intuitively feel that movement can and should feel light and fulfilling, yet you're not sure exactly how to get there?

After helping hundreds of people overcome limitations and unlock their physical potential, I’ve identified the crucial misconceptions and common mistakes that keep so many people held back physically, meeting movement through recurring loops of restriction, limitation and pain. 

I’ve put together a 3 parts FREE training, so you can learn these important steps in order to finally discover just how free, light and fulfilling movement can be! 

The FREE training will be held online on the 22, 24, 26 April on 18:00-19:30 Central EU Time (CET).

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Change unhealthy movement patterns
Feel tall, grounded & centered
Move beyond tension, limitation & pain
Reconnect deeply with your body

success stories

Ariel Angel

"Life changing experience. Meytal takes you gently to places you’ve never been before. I experienced myself moving in ways I never did before."

Dora Almeleh

"The changes I saw during the classes are really mind blowing. Dealing with a serious hip injury, Meytal’s practice was the ideal way to reconnect to my body."

Dagmar Dachauer

"“FATHOM HIGH has been enormously helpful in my recovery from a severe back injury. It has a very immediate and deep therapeutic effect. It also opened up a very inspiring approach to creativity and movement.."

Lut Van Malderen

"The doctors couldn't really help me with my back pain, but Meytal's classes do... It's very healing. I feel reborn...."

hey there,

It's hard to struggle with your body. I feel you. A past car accident left me stiff, injured and unable to do what I love most - to dance. 

Not only did Feldenkrais heal me profoundly, but it dramatically improved every aspect of my movement, and taught me to meet my body with such kindness, playfulness and child-like curiosity. 

Since then I've devoted my life to helping others overcome limitations and unlock their physical potential. As a certified Feldenkrais teacher and the founder of the FATHOM HIGH Dance Technique with over a decade of experience, I've helped hundreds of people to heal, connect and free their body to move. 

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22, 24, 26 April │ 18:00-19:30 │Central EU time (CET)

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