On Limitations

On Limitations

My daughter's arrival in my life taught me not to listen to people who tell you that you can't do something.

After the difficult birth of my son (that got stuck against my pubic bone) the doctor told me that my pelvic structure is too narrow for natural birth and that I won't be able to give birth naturally unassisted in future births. I heard him, but chose to do my own research.

All through my daughter's pregnancy, I worked with my midwife and osteopath to release ligaments that were pulling on my bone structure, and gave birth to my daughter at home in my living room, naturally and unassisted. She just slid out.

Before I got pregnant we tried for a long time to conceive unsuccessfully. When we found out I have blocked fallopian tubes the doctor said my only chance at getting pregnant is to go through a laparoscopy operation or IVF. I heard them but did my own research and found Clear Passage Therapy, a scientifically proven method to open adhesions, that's both natural and non invasive. I got pregnant quickly after treatment.

I'm REALLY glad I didn't listen to the dance teacher that told me when I was a kid that I'll never make it as a dancer because of my flat feet...!

To all the people that tell others they can't do things - just say instead: I don't know. I don't have the skill or knowledge to show you a way. Feldenkrais shows me on a daily basis that you never know what someone can or cannot do. Only time and some hearty attempts at it can tell.

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