My Journey With Stress & Feldenkrais

My Journey With Stress & Feldenkrais

Stress has been such a big part of my life for so long, to the point where it influenced my ability to function well and enjoy my life. After a pretty meaningful 'health scare' that came to my life last year, I had a wake up call and found a deep sense of motivation to change, as I dived head on to wellness and the causes of illness.

I started to practice Mindfulness daily for the past 6 months, and as it transformed my life in innumerable ways, I started to become passionate about drawing a much clearer line between Mindfulness, Feldenkrais and the practice of Fathom HIGH. Through Mindfulness I'm learning to meet my body, my day, my environment as it is without trying to change it, but rather to embrace it.

Stress is triggered often by our meeting with the unexpected, these unpredictable circumstances that arise in our daily life. In many ways, another outlook into this would be our difficulty in adjusting to new circumstances without it throwing us off our feet. The more we can practice and learn to feel more comfortable within a reality of constant change, the more we can become stress-resilient. Everything is in a state of change all the time - nature never stands still, so does our biology that is in a constant state of flux. Feldenrkais is (or can be) the practice of being present, in real time, non judgmentally with what IS. The only thing that creates an illusion of a fixed reality is OUR perspective - our habits and patterns.

Feldenkrais is like a game of ever shifting perspectives. It wakes up our nervous system to adaptability, with or without our conscious efforts. Through the deep listening that Feldenkrais creates, our nervous system re-calibrates and opt for more functional, connected ways of moving. But here again - change occurs on its own, induced by the practice itself. We just need to be present, and not get in its way.

As Feldenkrais invites us into a state of readiness to BE IN CHANGE, to develop trust in our ability to adjust, resilience and well being can be found on a deep level.

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